Looking for new ways of enhancing home decor? Fret no more. This is the moment to try something distinctive and innovative. Despite their traditional use for construction projects, you can now use building materials to beautify the interior and exteriors of your home.

The selection of construction materials such as wall putty, white cement, wood etc., play an integral role not only in beautifying your homes but also in ascertaining their durability and strength. Each construction material has its own character, detail and texture, giving every part of a house a unique appearance. Hence, this write-up will introduce a checklist of home construction materials and their use for home beautification.

Texture wall designs with wall putty

Wall putty is considered one of the most versatile construction materials that are applied on the walls before painting to increase its durability and can also be used for creating exquisite designs on them. White cement based putty, a subtype of wall putty, is gaining popularity in the construction industry due to its impressive features such as enhanced whiteness, higher tensile adhesion strength, and flexibility. 

For a minimalistic and modern look to your walls, you can add the touch of the classic brick texture wall design with white cement based wall putty from one of the top wall putty makers in India, JKCement. They manufacture a diverse range of white cement based wall putties such as the JKCement ShieldMaxX Universal Waterproof Putty made with Active SiH4 Molecules. Its ready-to-use property provides a 20 Sq. ft/Kg 2 coats anti-efflorescent coverage, 0.3 Kg/m2h0.5 water resistance rate, longer paint life and velvet-like smooth finish to the interior and exterior surfaces of your home.

Furniture decor with wood

Wood is one of the major construction materials used during the initial home building process. The world’s most magnificent and stellar architectures have been developed with wood and its most significant characteristic is that it can be molded in any shape as you desire to enhance your home decor. 

Timber, the most preferred type of wood for home embellishment is used to refurbish and remodel the existing furniture with a blend of modern designs and also to create fresh artistic furnishings. Furthermore, good quality wood, especially timber, provides optimum strength and hardness to the furniture so that they are able to withstand deterioration, heavy structural loads and other damaging factors.

Home interior exterior beautification with industrial stone

Formed with a minimum of 93% natural forming quartz, industrial stones have become the go-to construction material for building striking, tough and imperishable interiors and exteriors such as the entrances of your home or benchtops. 

Compared to natural stones, industrial stones offer superior durability against harmful factors such as chipping or scratches and resistance to extreme chemicals or heat. In addition to the statement, since it has low moisture absorption, the industrial stone is a perfect stone option for bathroom flooring.

Marble flooring, walls and ceilings with white cement

Give the floors, walls and ceilings of your home a timeless and smooth look with white cement. This home construction material is mixed with other substrates to repair marble tiles and eliminate all kinds of imperfections such as gaps and cracks.

You can now elevate the floors, walls and ceilings of your home by introducing terrazzo flooring and mosaic tiles to them with white cement. For high-end finishing, you should choose the best white cement from top white cement manufacturers like JKCement. Their JKCement WhiteMaxX White Portland Cement is integrated with advanced technology and dual virtues of aesthetics and robustness. It is the ideal choice for terrazzo flooring, mosaic tiles, silky smooth interior and exterior walls and ceilings as it provides a minimum of 89% degree of incredible whiteness and 55 Mpa compressive strength to them.

An aesthetically pleasing and charming home is every homeowner’s dream. Therefore, by embracing the above-mentioned ideas, you can amplify the beauty of your home and also at the same time ensure its vitality.